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 A Very Important Announcement From Headmaster Night Rose.

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Headmaster Night Rose
Headmaster Night Rose

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PostSubject: A Very Important Announcement From Headmaster Night Rose.   Tue May 10, 2016 6:42 pm

"Attention all my lovely students, A list of academic expectations will be arriving in your Crypts shortly, the resident Crypt Keeper will provide the paperwork to you.  If you break the rules, even the smallest of the rules, Food will only be provided by the academy during the following times:

To the 2nd and 11th years on Saturdays while the 1st years are in class. If you do not finish eating in time your food will be given to the dogs that roam the grounds. First years will be provided with a separate meal and an event where they will be forced to compete for the most of said meal.

On holidays except those that fall on Tuesdays, and every other day whenever I feel the whim to do so. But note, during these rare times of generosity food will arrive in packages to your Houses. All other times finding food for those 2nd through 11th years will be left up to you the students. You may risk stealing food from the kitchens, stealing food from your classmates or gather a hunting party to tackle the dangers of the forest. Those caught attempting to escape will be executed immediately via aerial beheading.

If the rule break was severe enough, and every Sunday, even during classes, a competition will be held all over the school from 1 am to 12 am at night, The Mass Killing Lesson, if one or more students is not dead by 12 am, every student will be starved until the time that a body is discovered. However, if the person or persons who have committed the murder are caught, they will be executed. If A student is framed for the murder the person whom was framed will be executed if no evidence points to the true criminal. An investigation of the murders MUST take place or everyone in the school, staff excluding myself, will be starved."
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A Very Important Announcement From Headmaster Night Rose.
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