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 House Information WIP

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Headmaster Night Rose

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House Information WIP Forest_green_snake-on-steel_stalkyou?size=128

Contamino Corporis House. -To Pollute Corpse-

Contamino Corporis House

A house for those less extremely serious students. Those students who do what they need in order to survive but may end up biting off more than they can chew. They are the class that does not hold back their emotions and frequently causes trouble or problems for the other students. Depending on the student of course, this house is made to look like a fun house, complete with a balloon holding statue outside the door. It's balloons are filled with sleeping gas however so be careful not to pop one. This house is for those who are free spirits, those who want to forge their own path to the top. The ones who will not be held back the rules of the establishment even if to do so is a dangerous and foolish game. They are rebels, poised like snakes in attempt to strike.

Acerbus Admonitio House

Acerbus Admonitio House

For those students who believe themselves a cut above the rest. These students are the ones who excell at all of their classes.
Anyone can be randomly selected to be in this house, but it takes dedication and skill to remain in it. It is a class for those who think themselves the very Elite of the Acadmey. It is the place the most pristine of students will find themselves painted in their own blood. The House of Acrebus Admonitio is a mosulieum set up in the styles of aristocratic england. The crypt itself is made to look like a cathedral. The students here think that they are a cut above, they are the ones who think of class and homework more than any other activty so to speak. They are the crowns of kings within their castles.

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House Information WIP
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